Drink Review: Rockstar Revolt Killer Black Cherry

This is the third drink I have come across in Rockstar’s Revolt line of energy drinks. I believe it has been out since late 2016, however cans of this flavor have just started to pop up around my area. The Revolt series is probably my favorite out of Rockstar due to its high caffeine content, sweetness, and strong taste. The Revolt series is also unique in its exploration of fruit based flavors, like Citrus, Grape, and now Cherry. So, when I tried the Killer Black Cherry flavor, I had high expectations that ended up being met.

I would say this is a very excellent drink, and it is also the best one I have had out of the Revolt series. The taste of this drink can best be put into words as a blend of the Coca Cola product “Mr. Pibb (Pibb Xtra)” and the Cherry, bubblegum flavor of the “Big Red” soft drink. That being said this drink also resembles a soft drink in its smooth texture, it doesn’t really slurp whenever you sip it, but it also isn’t thick like syrup. This drink is called Killer Black Cherry for a reason, the drink does in fact possess a prominent cherry flavoring as you would imagine, but it doesn’t really leave that sickening cherry syrup flavor lingering too long either. The only thing negative I could point out about this drink is that it does taste artificial, however that does not phase me personally.

I apologize to those who actively follow my blog for the short review, there isn’t too much to say about the Rockstar Revolt Killer Black Cherry. It’s a good drink and I recommend you try it if you are a fan of Cherry based soft drinks like Cherry Coke, Big Red, Pibb Xtra, Cherry Dr Pepper, etc. Expect reviews from the other flavors associated with the Rockstar Revolt label coming soon.

Calories: 140 Calories per serving. 2 servings per can, 280 Calories per can.

Misc: 240mg of caffeine per can, 0% Juice.

i. e. 9.1/10


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