Album Review: Pink Guy – Pink Season: The Prophecy EP

George “Joji” Miller released his “Pink Season” mixtape at the beginning of 2017 after a very long wait from Filthy Frank and Joji fans. I have listened to that album extensively, and now Joji has released a “follow up” to the album with this new EP, “Pink Season: The Prophecy”, which contains 5 remixes by popular EDM producers, of the more serious songs that came from “Pink Season”, and made the album as brilliant as it is and was. 

The first remix on this EP is “Dumplings (Borgore Remix)”, and it is most definitely a hard hitting banger. I love the dubstep-esque drops and the ascending metallic, industrial beats that trail after them. The whole instrumental has a very 8bit feeling to it, but not to the point where you would necessarily refer to this track as an 8bit inspired track, I am just not very familiar with Borgore’s music. One thing I will say about this song is that I wish Borgore would have incorporated the sick spoon clanging percussion that was found in the original track on the “Pink Season” mixtape. 

As for the second track, I only know of Getter through the collaboration he did with Pink Guy and Nick Colletti on the track “Hood Rich” which can be found here. I heard through Reddit that Getter was quitting music, which is a shame because his track “Fried Noodles (Getter Remix)” may very well be the best remix on this EP. I love what he did with the melancholy hook on the original song, by making giving it this ethereal whine. The instrumental portion of this track is all around fantastic, it’s intense, disorientating, and surreal, and has these thin synth lines that sound like they vibrate at a very high frequency. The song ends with a portion of the final verse of the original “Fried Noodles” that gradually becomes deeper and darker as the instrumental behind it gets more intense. 

The next song, “Stfu (Tasty Treat Remix)” is probably the most dance based song on this EP based on my minimal knowledge of electronic music. I really like the sudden and brief starts and stops in the instrumental. The way that the drum beat syncs with Pink Guy’s verse is excellent. However, near the end of the verse, Tasty Treat cuts out two lines from the verse that really disrupt the flow for me, someone who is so fond of the original song. The original mix of “Stfu” goes “I hope you fucking die in a high speed car crash / I hope you fucking fall head first and get your neck cracked”, however the remix skips over these two lines entirely for no noticeable reason and just transistions into “I hope you have some beautiful children that die from cancer”. I guess this ain’t a big deal but like I said, it disrupts the flow for me. 

The final remix is “Are You Serious (Axel Boy Remix”. I thought the version of “Are You Serious” on the “Pink Season” album was one of the best and most hardcore tracks on the album due to the aggressive and urgent way Pink Guy raps on it. So I find it very fitting that this remix has such a gritty and industrial instrumental with all of its EDM drops. The song makes interesting use of the clap percussion in the song along with the neat sound effect here and there. The lead instrument in the song is very unique and memorable, however, I can not pin point exactly what instrument it is. 

The final track on this EP is the “titular track” I guess you could call it, and it’s a 12 minute track that in order, contains the songs, “Fried Noodles (Getter Remix)”, “Are You Serious (Axel Boy Remix)”, “Stfu (Tasty Treat Remix”, and then “Dumplings (Borgore Remix)”. Each track fuses together brilliantly in the most laid back way and seemless way possible. Most notably the transition between the stfu remix and the dumplings remix. While some may criticize this track for just being all the other tracks strung together in an alternate order, just remember that this is an EP of remixes from other producers. This is not new new music from Pink Guy directly. If you don’t like it, then simply don’t listen to this track. However, I highly recommend you check out this particular track on the Filthy Frank YouTube channel. The visuals are so cinematic and godly, they fit the song very well and can even get very psychedelic at times. It’s a very entrancing experience. 

All in all, this is a very good EP, and I respect George for releasing something so experimental out of nowhere, doing what he prefers to do. People keep complaining that they want a Joji album, or more of the satirical and vulgar comedy videos that he makes as the Filthy Frank character on YouTube. However, Filthy Frank to me has always been about the music. Most of the fictional characters that are friends with Frank play instruments, and his first channel name was even called “DizastaMusic”. I say let the man do what he pleases at the rate he pleases. After all he is the one entertaining us. 

Release Date: 24 May 17

Genres: EDM, Remixes, Hip Hop. 

Track Highlights: Fried Noodles (Getter Remix), Dumplings (Borgore Remix), Pink Season: The Prophecy. 

Track Listings:

  1. Dumplings (Borgore Remix)
  2. Fried Noodles (Getter Remix)
  3. Stfu (Tasty Treat Remix)
  4. Are You Serious (Axel Boy Remix)
  5. Pink Season: The Prophecy

i. e. 8.9/10


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