Drink Review: Gas Monkey Energy

Gas Monkey Energy is an energy drink produced by Go Fast Sports & Beverage Company. This energy drink is based off of Gas Monkey Garage from the auto mechanic reality show “Fast N’ Loud”, a show based in Dallas, Texas, my home state. This drink has been very difficult to find and I only know of one location that sells them. Due to the rarity of this drink, I decided I could review it just in case anyone happened by it and was unsure of it.

This drink does not have a listed caffeine amount, I even checked on Caffeine Informer, and I could not find anything about this drink. Instead we are presented with a message that reads “WARNING: Not for children, Pregnant women, OR Caffeine sensitive people. DO NOT USE IN LARGE QUANTITIES!”. I would like to say that I am very caffeine tolerant, and I consume at least 50mg-250mg of caffeine every single day, and I can not remember the last time I went a day without at least some form of caffeine in my system. However this drink had me feeling very charged, I could feel my eyes sharpen up and I was pacing about with a strong desire to do some work. I suppose this could be an addition to the coffee I had that same day four hours before, but I would not recommend drinking more than one of these a day regardless. That may be hard to do though because this drink is very good. It tastes like a very potent green apple mixed with sour punch straws and sweet tarts. This is the most UNIQUE energy drink I have ever had, and I was hit with a very surreal wave of nostalgia the moment I first sipped it. That being said, the first sip is the most vibrant and tasteful, and as you drink more of this drink and it nears the bottom of the can, it slowly gets more tart and depletes itself in flavor. However, no matter how much drink is left, the original aftertaste is still present while you are drinking it. I am very curious as to what creates this interesting and unique blend of flavors, the top of the can says the drink is made with blood, sweat, and energy, so that could possibly be what makes this drink so brilliant. I like this drink very much.

I would recommend this drink to anyone else who likes trying new energy drinks, and if you happen upon it while you are out in a convenience store, I would recommend you buy it and give it a try, because you will not come across another drink like this one in terms of flavor and caffeine effectiveness.

Calories: 100 per 8fl. oz, 200 per 16fl oz.

Misc: Caffeine content is unspecified, however it is very high! Contains no high fructose corn syrup.

i. e. 9.1/10


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