Drink Review: 1893 Black Currant Cola

In 2016, Pepsi Co. released a series of soft drinks under the label “1893, from the makers of Pepsi Cola.” What is peculiar about his drink is the packaging. It differs from the standard soft drink in that it is served in a slim 12 fl. oz can, instead of a 20 fl. oz serving you would receive in a standard, soft drink plastic bottle. I assume they did this so the cans would stand out more among bottled Pepsi products. I actually had went to the store to find Crystal Pepsi to review, but I have not had luck in finding it anywhere anymore. So, here is 1893 Black Currant Cola, from the makers of Pepsi Cola.

I wasn’t sure what to expect whenever I was first about to drink it. I assumed it was going to have a strong “grape medicine” taste and that I would hate it. However I think the Black Currant flavor is actually really good. It is not a traditional flavor you would get with a cola. Black Currant Cola sort of expands upon the cherry flavoring that is very popular in cola soft drinks by adding a raspberry flavor, along with something that tastes like licorice. This drink really impressed me, Pepsi definitely did a better job with the berry flavor than Coca Cola did the time I tried raspberry coke, which was not horrible, just not as good as this. The drink is not too sweet either, the drink can advertises that it is sweetened with sugar, and I did not see high fructose corn syrup on the list of ingredients. This drink was very cheap as well, I was only charged $1.49 or something which was surprising to me, however I suppose that would be standard for a 12 fl. oz canned soda. That being said, while it is not as much soda when compared to a 20 fl. oz soda, it is still a good choice if you are not looking to drink a lot. I would even recommend this drink to people who are not fans of the original Pepsi Cola, like me. It does have hints of Pepsi in it’s taste, but all the awful things about the original Pepsi Cola is covered up by the berry flavoring.

Pepsi Co. has released three other variants of the 1893 cola, Original Cola, Ginger Cola, and Citrus Cola, I think because I liked the flavor of this one so much, I will be more willing to try out some of the other ones and follow up on them with their own reviews.

Calories: 150 calories per 12 fl. oz serving.

Misc: 34mg of Caffeine per 12 fl. oz serving. 12 fl. oz per can.

i. e. 8.6/10


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