Drink Review: Arizona Green Tea

Arizona Green Tea with Ginseng and Honey is the Arizona Beverage Company’s most popular and accessible product, well known for it’s universally low retail price of 99¢ per can, along with the can’s aesthetically pleasing visual design. This is the first time I have had this drink in about a year, I used to drink them all the time but I got sick of the taste after a while. Anyways, I was standing around in the gas station browsing the drinks unsure of what to write a review on. Eventually, I just grabbed the Arizona Green Tea because of the low price.

This drink claims it is sweetened with natural honey right away in the title, due to it being “nature’s natural sweetener” or whatever (Sugar is natural as well). However I am skeptical of this claim, while the drink does have honey, it also says in the nutrition facts that it contains 17g of sugar per 8 fl. oz serving, meaning the can of 23 fl. oz that sells for 99¢ actually contains about 48.8g of sugar in the entire can, compare this to a 20 fl. oz bottle of Dr. Pepper which contains 64g of sugar in it. This drink also does contain High Fructose Corn Syrup, which I do not believe is natural or an ingredient found in Green tea. The reason I am pointing all of this out is because Arizona is quick to point of the positives on their can like “No Artificial Color”, “No Artificial Flavor”, “No Preservatives” “100% Natural”, and even claims in a paragraph on the can that “taste and goodness ‘naturally’ come together. Green tea for it’s health benefits,”, I believe this is misleading to people who buy this drink because they see “Green Tea” and assume it is a healthy drink, when in reality, the drink is just as bad for you as everything else we put in our bodies on a daily basis. I guess what can you do about that though, if you want Green Tea for it’s health benefits, buy green tea you can brew yourself with the leaves or whatever.

As for the taste of this drink, it is pretty flavorful, the honey is the most prominent flavor of this drink, but it is not an overwhelming flavor. The drink does not taste too sweet, it does not taste like a bitter tea, and it is not a really heavy drink either. The taste is relatively light, cool, and refreshing, especially when it is refrigerated. I have never had green tea I have ever brewed myself but, the drink has this peachy time taste to it, but it is not fruit flavored at all, if that makes any sense, it has the same colorful flavor a peach would i guess. The flavors in this drink blend together well and I think it’s a unique taste, I like it.

I do recommend this drink, there is nothing wrong with the taste, from past experience though do not drink a lot of these in a month because they will, like anything else, get old at that point. While the drink is not as healthy as they advertise, like I said, nothing really is these days, you are better off drinking purified water over anything else. If you just want a decent drink though and do not care about it being a green tea, then I recommend this.

Calories: 70 per 8 fl. oz serving, three servings per can, 210 Calories per can.

Misc: 7.5mg of Caffeine per 8 fl.oz serving, 21.5mg of Caffeine per can. Contains Ginseng, 23 fl. oz per can.

i. e. 8.4/10


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