Album Review: Bleached – Can You Deal? EP


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Can You Deal? is the latest release from punk pop trio, Bleached. This EP was released in early March and I am aware I am late to the reviewing party, but I just felt the need to review something I had not listened to yet by a band I was familiar with. I am a fan of Bleached but whenever I first heard the two singles for this EP, “Can You Deal?” and “Flipside” I was not really too encapsulated. I have since listened to the EP and it has really grown on me. I actually did see Bleached live when they came to my hometown last year during the release of Welcome the Worms. Bleached put on a killer show despite the dull audience and I actually got a picture with Jennifer Clavin, the lead singer and guitarist for Bleached.

The first thing about this album I want to discuss is it’s album art. It follows the same theme as Bleached’s other album and single art. All of their art usually consists of one base color, much like a grayscale photo, but usually with one base color and I think it looks really nice. The album art also pictures a tongue with a tab of Lysergic Acid Diethylamide, or “LSD”, which I think is pretty creative despite the album not really being about drugs. The titular track of this EP, “Can You Deal?” is a confrontational track that discusses the problem with the media always fixating on Jennifer Clavin for being a frontwoman of an all girl trio (their drummer is a male though.) She is frustrated with the media asking her questions about her gender during interviews, rather than asking the important questions about her art and her music, which I recognize as an excellent point. However, the chorus also features the line “I listen to Sabbath with all of my friends yeah it’s real.” I didn’t really understand how this was related to the song’s message or why it is important that she listens to Black Sabbath, a band millions of people listen to. “Flipside”, the second track on this EP, is just sort of a fun, catchy pop song, who’s lyrics to me feel nonsensical and are just there to serve the song in a blissful way. This is the song that when I first heard it as a single, I was not really into it, however after a few listens the song has grown on me and I actually think it’s a fun sing along song. “Flipside” honestly reminds me of a blink-182 song that is actually decent and worth listening to. “Turn to Rage” is my favorite song on the EP. It really picks up speed and aggression in contrast to the rest of the EP as it pumps out power chords on top of a thrashing drum beat that can get very sludgy sounding at times. The song does fizzle down during the chorus and features the lyrics “Baby I want it that way / Baby I wanna be your slave.” which seems to be a subconscious reference to the Velvet Underground’s song “Venus in Furs” which also contains the lyric “I wanna be your slave”, sung in a similar demeanor. The is a very lyrically abrasive song that reminds me of the Bleached song “Looking For a Fight” as well. The EP’s closer track is called “Dear Trouble” and it is a decent punk pop track with a pleasing instrumental shift when it bleeds into the chorus, where Jennifer belts “Dear trouble go away!” which is something I think everyone with trouble can relate to. I hope this song influences similar song structures for Bleached in the future, it impressed me.

I am a little upset I did not get around to listening to this album sooner, as it is pretty good and I have not taken the time to sit down and listen to Bleached in a few months. This is a good, sunny EP, that has some tracks that would fit well on a playlist for a variety of occasions. I have placed a link down below so you can listen to, or buy this album.

Release Date: 3 March 2017

Genres: Punk Pop, Indie Rock, Lo-Fi, Punk Rock.


  1. Can You Deal?
  2. Flipside
  3. Turn To Rage
  4. Dear Trouble

Track Highlights: There is only four songs and they are all on the same level of quality, my favorite is Turn to Rage though.

i. e. 7.7/10

Listen to this album, Bandcamp Link.


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