Album Review: ESPRIT 空想 – Summer Night

ESPRIT 空想 Summer Night

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ESPRIT 空想 is one of a few aliases of electronic artist George Clanton. In 2013, he released “Summer Night” a short vaporwave/chillwave album that has since become a must listen to vaporwave album if you are interested in the vaporwave genre. The use of Japanese characters in names and track titles is rather common in the vaporwave community. ESPRIT 空想 literally translates to “ESPRIT FANTASY” or “ESPRIT DAYDREAM” which is a good, fitting name because this album feels like a surreal fantasy world where nothing is real and the album’s fantastic album art, made by James Ferrell, represents this very well with a sunny, surreal sky background, dolphins, 3D character models, roses, and a large astrological sign wheel in the center.

The title track, and the album’s opener, “Summer Night” is a very chill and is considered a classic vaporwave song worthy of representing the album. The song itself features sound effects such as a door creaking, and also contains tin Jamaican percussion and utilizes synth hooks that are both positive and manage to be downbeat at the exact same time, making it an all around fantastic track that does not possess a dull moment. The transition from “Summer Night” to the more glitchy, vocal, and upbeat transition track, “Untitled1”, is beautifully composed and makes for a fantastic, short track. “Untitled1″‘s final seconds lead directly into “Cruiser” which is a very laid back song, even as it builds up to this chorus. The ending to “Cruiser” gets disconnected, trippy, and slow and is a very nice end to the first half of this album.

Side two begins with “Showme” and is a more vocal and lyric driven track unlike the previous tracks’ utilization of vocals only as short half second samples. The track does not last very long and instantly makes a transition to “Pizza Day”, which is probably my least favorite song on the album, however, this does not make it a bad song, it is still good and it definitely belongs on the album where it should. “Untitled2″ is a sister track to”Untitled1” and even uses similar vocal sound effects to “Untitled1”, but it is more jazzy and jangly, making it a very lovely album closer to a surreal album.

ESPRIT 空想’s “Summer Night” album is a great album. The short length of this album suits it and no track really feels like it is overstaying its welcome. The longest track is “Cruiser” which is only three and a half minutes long, making this album great to listen to in the early morning while you are still half asleep and driving to work or school. This is a very chill and laid back album that is not lyrically driven which also makes it a nice album to listen to during a quick homework assignment. The album is composed like one very long song due to it’s seamless and flawless transitions. “Summer Night” was released in 2013 and to my knowledge ESPRIT 空想 is still an active side project by George Clanton and I hope he continues to release albums under the alias.

Release Date: 2013

Genres: Vaporwave, Chillwave


  1. Summer Night
  2. Untitled1
  3. Cruiser
  4. Showme
  5. Pizza Day
  6. Untitled2

Track Highlights: Summer Night, Cruiser, Showme.

i. e. 8.2/10

You can listen to “Summer Night” on Spotify, Soundcloud, or on ESPRIT 空想’s website at


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