i. e. enthusiast is a one manned blog started on April 23rd, 2017, with the intention of reviewing various things, i. e. albums, books, drinks, for entertainment purposes. My reviews are a mixture of an analysis of the product at hand, offering information, facts, etc. and my opinion of the product through, thoughts, criticism, and/or praise. If you have a request for a review, please leave a comment on one of my posts, or send me a message via the contact page.

What the blog’s name means.

i. e.  translates to “in other words” or “expanding upon” in Latin. Which is exactly what I am doing every time I review a product or a piece of entertainment. Instead of just saying the product is good or the product is bad, I expand upon it. “i. e.” is also somewhat of a summarizing term which is why when I give a rating I stylize it as “i. e. #/10“.

enthusiast means I blog about and review generalized topics I am enthusiastic about. Yes, there are so things I review that get low ratings, but it is not the specific product that I am enthusiastic about it is more the general thing I am reviewing, (books, albums, drinks).

“i. e. enthusiast”

To request a review, leave a comment on one of my posts about what you would like me to review next. If it is available for me to review then I will do it.

For more information on the blog and how to navigate it please visit the pages above, otherwise feel free to just read my most recent posts below.

i. e. enthusiast


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